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Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions About Condolence Flower (Flower For Funeral)


1. When should I send flower for funeral?

The best time to send condolence flowers or flowers for funeral is during the funeral wake. The funeral wake is normally setup immediately after the embalming of the body and after the body is laid in a casket at the funeral wake. Funeral wakes can be held in various places including funeral homes, churches, house of the bereaved family, void desks or community halls. In Singapore, wakes are usually where funeral flowers or condolence flowers and funeral wreath flowers are sent to.  Note that it is not a practice in Singapore to send condolence flowers after the funeral is over. 24Hrs City Florist provide same day flower delivery anywhere in Singapore daily from Mondays to Sundays and public holidays.


2. What type of condolence flowers do we recommend?

These are the differet types of condolence flowers. In Asia including Singapore, it is very common to send condolence flowers in the form of :

- condolence stand or funeral flower stand (typically in Singapore , flowers arranged and displayed on a box stand) or 
- condolence wreath, or flower wreath is flowers arranged in a circular or ring or heart shaped. 
- cross wreath, sometimes referred to as condolence cross stand are flowers arranged in the shape of a cross
- casket spray, table flower arrangement arranged for the casket top 
- table spray, table flower arrrangement arranged for table top
- flower bed, flowers arranged on pedestal around the casket

Types of funeral flowers

The most common condolence flowers or ‘flower for funeral’ in terms of colour scheme is white or off white with green foliage. They are common because, white flowers communicate beauty, elegance, peace and innocence. It is also common for condolence flowers to have a touch of colour such as yellow or purple.

The type of flowers often used for condolence stands are chrysanthemums. Other commonly used condolence flowers and flowers for funeral flowers include lilies as they symbolize that the soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death. White roses, white gerberas, and white carnations and orhcids are readily used for condolence flowers too. You can read more about the type of flowers used for condolence flowers and condolence flowers Singapore in our blog post. 


3. What condolence flowers suitable for recipient with specific religion? eg. Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, etc?

Generally, there isn't any specific type of condolence flowers for any specific religion besides, condolence flower cross which may be sent to Christian families. But it is not compulsory to send only cross wreath or cross stand to a Christian or Catholic family. You may also send any generic condolence flower stands too.

Similarly, for Buddhist and Hindu funerals, standard condolence flowers stands can be delivered to the funeral home or wake. However, for Muslim funerals, prayers are held and no condolences flowers are sent.

You can read more about funeral customs between religions, ethnicity and cultures here. 


4. What condolence message should I write?

Typically, a standard condolence flower message will read like "With deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences" . Click here for a list of sample condolence messages in english, chinese and messages with biblical verses. 


​5. Can the condolence flower stand be delivered today?

Yes, we provide same day flower delivery provided orders are placed before 8pm. Note: during covid-19 CB, same delivery orders must be placed by 5pm.


​6. How to order funeral wreath flowers for funeral?

You can order flowers for funeral online from this webpage by selecting the condolence flower designs you want and select the delivery date and time and proceed to the next page to fill up the required information and checkout and make your payment by credit card or eNets or paypal.


​7. How long will the flowers last?

Flower for funeral will generally last for a few days depending where they are kept or treated. They will generally last a little longer in an air-conditioned environment with relatively high humidity as opose to a hot and dry environment. Most condolence flowers are arranged in floral form soaked in water, as such, dry and hot environment will accelerate the drying out of the foam quicker and thus less water for the cut flowers. The type of flowers used also make a difference. Generally chrysanthemum species of flowers last longer than flowers cultivated from temperate climate like the Europe/Australia.


We provide condolence flower delivery and flower for funeral delivery anywhere in Singapore. Same day funeral flower delivery for orders made before 5pm daily including Sundays and public holidays.  For same day afternoon delivery, please order before 12noon.

Notice: We are trying our best to source flowers for our products however, We seek all our customers' understanding should flowers or fillers need to be replaced especially during this pandemic time due to world wide disruption of flower shipment particularly with the re-emerging of 2nd or 3rd of Covid-19 in other countries.


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