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Contemporary Flower Bouquet

Contemporary Flower Bouquets are hand tied flower arrangements with a modern and contemporary taste. They have become very popular in recent years in part due to their attractiveness and increasing appreciation of this form of bouquets shared extensively in social media platforms. 

What is contemporary flower bouquet? In essence, it is a bouquet of trending in popularity with a modern of spin of regular floral bouquet design with an influence of art, styles, fashions and colours of today.

The bouquet designs of today have departed quite substantially from the traditional floral bouquet designs. They are now more expressive and more free styled infused with intricate selection of pantone colours and exotic type and bloom of flowers and wrappings.

Hand tied contemporary flower bouquets are often used as gifts for any occasions. Hand flower bouquets are beautiful, attractive, adorable, instagrammable, cheery, classy and fun. The size and budget of each bouquet is up to the sender. More importantly is the thought that counts ultimately. Just to add, sending a well picked flower bouquet speaks of the sender’s good standard and taste too.

You can have your contemporary flower bouquet delivery made as easy a few click - Select from the wide range of artistic and breath taking styles and designs of our bouquets and have your bouquet delivered same day anywhere in Singapore.

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