Puppy Bouquet – Rekindling Those Puppy Love Moments

We wanted to create someonething different from the regular bouquets we have been making all these years. We gather our florists and told ourselves that it must be firstly, unique, adorable yet appealing to the masses. A bouquet that speaks of love with a tinge of playfulness. We had to be bold and sassy. We decided on to create a puppy bouquet. Admittedly, our first few attempts needed more tweaking and after a few trials, we finally perfected the puppy bouquet we could confidently say we are really proud of. We introduced our puppy bouquet along with our puppy love theme.

puppy bouquet

puppy bouquet

Here’s a written review from our florist Jaslyn:

What comes to your mind when you come across the term “Puppy Love”?

Thinking back, most of us have found this experience to be a memorable and perhaps, cute one. One that would make us smile whenever we think about it. One most of us have been through during our younger days. An infatuation, a what seemed like an irresistible attraction… that racing heart, sweaty palms, cold feet, and stammering when that very special someone makes a conversation.

The Puppy Love bouquet designed and created by the florists in 24Hrs City Florist have seamlessly nailed the idea of making one feel the indescribable affection all over again. The clever and outstanding design has made it hard to take one’s eyes away. Whether or not the receiver of this bouquet has a puppy, he or she would be so drawn to it that everyone we know whom have received it have expressed that they feel more inclined to taking care of the flowers as compared to receiving a classic flower bouquet.

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