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Astrology – the word itself springs a multitude of debates. Is astrology real ? Should one believe in it ? Does our birth date actually spell out our personality and destiny ? Well, these questions, like many questions about the cosmos remain unanswered. However, you cannot deny that delving into the world of astrology is pretty fun – especially when what is being described truly strikes a chord with you ! While many know about the daily horoscope column in newspapers and information about the basic 12 signs, did you know that each sign also has a flower associated with it ? Interestingly, there are flowers known to be symbolic of signs in the zodiac and are linked to the traits of each sign. From the constellations of stars above to the seeds of flowers below, let’s take a journey to see which flowers are best suited for your zodiac sign ! These bouquets are available for flower delivery in Singapore.

For the fiery Aries (March 21 – April 19) : Matthiola

Aries natives, symbolised by the mighty ram, are known for their immense boldness, courage and confidence. This makes them go-getters and a true force to be reckoned with. If you’re in a group with an enthusiastic debater or a natural leader, they’re most likely an Aries. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries represents new beginnings. This ties in perfectly with Matthiola flowers which bloom during early spring and also signify a new cycle.  

Matthiola Flower

Akin to Aries natives who are sure to make an impression wherever they go, Matthiola flowers are known for their distinct fragrance which is certain to leave a pleasant linger. The pastel lilac hues of the Matthiola are naturally charming and truly one of a kind, just like Aries natives who are effortlessly charismatic and stand out from the crowd. We offer bouquets with Matthiolas that also include a selection of other flowers as pictured below. If you’d like to send your Aries loved ones flowers which truly encompass their fearless and lively spirit, then Matthiolas are definitely the perfect fit. 

bouquet with matthiola flowers

For the grounded Taurus (April 20 – May 20) : Lilly

Taurus folks, symbolised by the bull, are known for being exceptionally loving, caring and grounded. As one of the Earth signs, Taurusians are known to be huge nature lovers and never fail to see the beauty in the world around them. If there is a friend pestering you to join a hike, they are likely to be a Taurus. Taurus natives are reliable individuals who always feel like home. This is why Lilies are known to be their birth flower. Lilies symbolise devotion and purity which is what Taurus natives embody. Lilies also bloom during May, making them fit for the Taurus season. 

Lily Flower

Lilies are well known for their fragrant smell which will certainly indulge the romantic side of Taurus individuals. The majestic silhouette of the flower itself also aptly represents Taurusians – dynamic and practical but who also have a soft and gentle side to them. For a more romantic touch, you can also opt for pink lilies instead of the usual white ones as featured in the image below. Interestingly, the lilies in this bouquet are named Stargazer since the petals open up widely, almost as if it’s looking at the stars above. This reaffirms the beauty of nature – perfect for Taurusians who are nature’s biggest fans. For more bouquets with Lilies, you can view our Lily Bouquet collection for your Taurus loved ones.           

Pink lily bouquet

For the playful Gemini (May 21 – June 20) : Lavender

Geminis are known to be the playful and witty ones of the zodiac. Represented by the twins, Gemini natives are touted to be versatile, imaginative and easy-going individuals, often the clown of the group and the one to lift everyone’s spirits. As air signs, they are also great communicators and love to indulge in philosophical debates. Lavender is widely recognised to be the birth flower for Geminis particularly because of how it can benefit and complement Gemini individuals.

lavender flower

 Lavender represents grace, calmness and elegance. Given that Geminis tend to be dynamic individuals who spend most of their time in their own thoughts and ideas, having Lavenders in their surroundings can help calm their minds and provide them with relaxation. Lavenders also represent spirituality and curiosity for higher knowledge which interests the inquisitive Geminis. One factor which makes Lavenders stand out is the beautiful and bold shade of the flower – it encompasses the vibrant and charming spirit of Geminis who aren’t afraid to make their point heard and are always a joy to be around. If you’d like to send over a stunning lavender arrangement to your Gemini pals, you can check out our full collection.

lavender flower in jar

For the nurturing Cancer (June 21 – July 22) : Rose

Known as one of the most romantic, nurturing and emotional signs of the zodiac, Cancer natives are the ones you’d probably find tearing up to a sappy rom-com. Since Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon, they are naturally sensitive. This is their strength as it allows them to be empathetic, comforting and a reliable shoulder to cry on. Rose is the official birth flower for Cancer natives. This doesn’t come as a surprise as roses are known to symbolise romance, loyalty, luxury, refinement and beauty – all of which also reflects the core of the cancer native. 

rose flower

Given that Red Roses are quite a common option as gifts, you can opt for roses of a different colour if you’d like to add a unique touch to your bouquet. In fact, White Roses are also associated with Cancers particularly because of how they are emblematic of purity, grace and elegance. This would beautifully complement the soft and caring nature of Cancerians. Roses are a sure-shot way to melt most hearts, but with Cancerians you simply cannot go wrong with a flower that truly embodies their caring and gentle spirit. Click for more lovely rose bouquet options to choose from.

rose flower bouquet

For the bold Leo (July 23 – August 22) : Sunflower

Perhaps the bona fide superstar of the zodiac, Leos are the showstoppers and those who bask in the limelight. Being a fire sign that’s ruled by the Sun and represented by the majestic lion, Leos are extremely bold, ooze confidence and love being in the centre of attention. At the same time, Leo natives also have a softer intimate side to them – they are benevolent, fiercely loyal and protective of those they love. Given that Leos quite literally embody the ‘bold and beautiful’ slogan, Sunflowers make a great fit as the birth flower of Leo natives. Just as the Sunflower always grows towards the direction of Sun rays, Leos gravitate to places where they can blossom into their fullest potential and are given the attention and respect they deserve.


Sunflowers are symbolic of optimism and intelligence, two traits that are also characteristic of Leos. Furthermore, the Sunflower also has ties to Greek mythology. In the myth of Clytie and Apollo, Apollo turns the nymph Clytie into a sunflower. She then spends the rest of her days loyally tracking his path across the sky similar to how a Leo will always be devoted to those they love. If you want show your Leo friends some love with these flowers that are little suns in themselves, you can look through our Sunflower bouquet

sunflower bouquet

For the wise Virgo (August 23 – September 22) : Daisy

Symbolised by the goddess of wheat, Virgo is the second Earth sign in the zodiac. Known to be driven by logic, Virgos are extremely practical and systematic in their approach to life. They are perfectionists at heart and aren’t afraid to improve their skills through hard work and consistent practice. Despite their seemingly shy exterior, Virgos are highly creative individuals who display tenacity in all they do. They are also usually regarded as the mother hen in any friend group as they have a tendency to look after others and ensure everyone’s well-being. According to Egyptian legend, the time when the Sun was in the constellation Virgo marked the beginning of the wheat harvest, thus connecting Virgo back to the symbol of the goddess of wheat. This makes Daisies the perfect birth flowers for the sign of Virgo as Daisies usually symbolise new beginnings.

Daisies also represent innocence, purity and simplicity which beautifully represents the modest and down to earth nature of Virgos. Furthermore, Daises are known to bring in balance and harmony which is precisely what Virgo natives bring into this world with their ability to be jovial and cordial with everyone. To see which Gerbera Daisy bouquet is best suited for your Virgo loved one, take a look at our full collection. 

Gerbera daisy bouquet

For the charming Libra (September 23 – October 22) : Hydrangea

Libra is the second air sign of the zodiac and is represented by the scales. Being an air sign, Libra natives are highly creative and have a keen eye for aesthetics. If you need anyone to make creative choices for you, you can certainly trust a Libra. Libra natives are also characterised by their desire to establish balance and harmony wherever they go and are known for being great diplomats. The sign is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance. While this obviously means Libra folks are romantic and could effortlessly sweep you off your feet, their connection to Venus also means that they have a tendency to romanticize life and fall in love with the idea of love. Out of all the signs in the zodiac, Libras would probably be the one most likely to appreciate someone giving them a bouquet of flowers and chocolates – the classic rom-com way. Hydrangeas are touted to be the birth flower for Libra natives which is fitting as the flower symbolises grace, beauty and romance. 

hydrangea flower

Pink and Purple Hydrangeas in particular are used to express love and gratitude to someone. Furthermore, the large bundles of flowers and thick leaves represent prosperity and abundance which aptly reflects Libras inclination to luxury and the finer things in life. To see which Hydrangea bouquet suits your Libra loved one the best, head over to view our collection. 

hydrangea bouquet

For the mysterious Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) : Peony

The second water sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, is perhaps one of the most controversial signs. Scorpio natives are ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression and war as well as Pluto, the planet of death and transformation. This makes Scorpios undeniably intense and unpredictable. Scorpio natives are known to be fiercely passionate, loyal, enigmatic, independent and charismatic. Given that they are ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpios love a good challenge and usually have the determination to rise above it. With this sign, there’s always more to what meets the eyes – they are extremely complex and layered individuals who heavily guard their emotions and true self. Despite the mysterious nature of Scorpios, their passion makes them achieve what they set their mind to. The Peony is widely known to be the birth flowers for Scorpio natives. According to Japanese culture, the Peony is symbolic of bravery and honour – two qualities that Scorpios embody.

peony flower

The Peony is also regarded as the ‘King of Flowers’ in some cultures due to its abundance of majestic petals. This matches the regal and powerful energy Scorpios tend to exhibit.

The flower is also known to usher prosperity, love and good fortune, making it the perfect gift. Head over to our collection to see which Peony bouquet perfectly fits your stunning Scorpio loved ones. 

peony flower bouquet

For the fearless Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) : Carnation

Symbolised by the Centaur (Half horse, half archer) Sagittarius is one of the most lively and adventurous signs of the zodiac. Being a fire sign, Sagittarius natives are usually the life of the party and are optimistic, bold and straightforward individuals who often have no filter and present their most genuine and unabashed self to the world. This makes them easily likeable and an absolute joy to be around. Sagittarius natives are also highly philosophical and love to delve deep into issues and get to the root of any problem. Carnations are the official birth flower for Sagittarius as it symbolises purity, individuality and boldness which are traits that are synonymous to the sign. 

carnation flower

Carnations are also known to outlast other flowers as they stay fresh for a longer time. This makes them symbols of longevity as well and aptly reflects the never-ending energy and exuberance of Sagittarius natives. The flower itself makes for a beautiful addition in bouquets due to its versatile pastel tones. Head over to view our full Carnation arrangement collection to decide which one best suits your sprightly Sagittarius loved one.

carnation bouquet

For the hardworking Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) : Baby’s Breath

Capricorns, represented by the goat, are widely regarded as one of the most grounded and hardworking signs in the zodiac. If you need a job done well, you can always rely on a Capricorn to deliver and in a way that perhaps would even exceed your own expectations. Being an Earth sign, Capricorn natives are extremely practical, ambitious, determined and supportive. Despite having an immense drive to succeed, they ensure no one gets left behind and are great players who look out for others. Given the simple yet admirable nature of Capricorns, baby’s breath are the perfect flowers to give them. Baby’s breath looks simple which is what makes it extremely beautiful, graceful and aesthetically versatile – akin to Capricorn natives whose beauty lies in how humble and down to earth they are. 

baby’s breath flower

Baby’s breath also symbolises ever-lasting love, commitment and self-discipline which is what you can expect from a Capricorn native. Baby’s breath come in a variety of colours and each has its own meaning ! Blue Baby’s breath usually represent loyalty, wisdom and faith while Pink represents romance and tenderness. Depending on what you’d like to convey, there’s a certainly a colour for every emotion. Head over to check out our beautiful baby’s breath bouquet collection for your Capricorn friends.

baby’s breath bouquet

For the innovative Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) : Orchid

The inventors and innovative minds of the zodiac, we have our final air sign – Aquarius. Despite the mention of ‘aqua’ in its name and being symbolised by the water-bearer, Aquarius is in fact an air sign whose natives are known to be revolutionary, creative and ones to make a mark wherever they go. Aquarius individuals love going against the status-quo or ‘set-route’ and often find themselves carving out their own paths and inspiring others along the way. They are also exceptionally witty and are sure to have a quick-fire response to any question. The birth flower for these unique individuals is the Orchid.

orchid flower

A fun fact about Orchids is that they are masters at deception. The reproductive parts of many orchid flowers look like the kind of insect they intend to lure in. Once the insect is interested, the orchid’s pollen sticks to the bug until it flies off to find another orchid that it mistakes for its mate. This quality about Orchids, akin to Aquarius natives, makes it out of the ordinary and proves why the flower is linked to the eccentric and independent Aquarian. We offer orchid bouquets, perfect for your Aquarius friends.

orchid bouquet

For the empathetic Pisces (February 19 – March 20) : Iris

Finally, we introduce the last sign of the zodiac – Pisces. As the final sign, Pisceans tend to display quirks from all the members of the zodiac which makes them incredibly versatile and empathetic. Pisces is also a water sign which makes them extremely sensitive, understanding, creative and romantic individuals. In fact, Pisces natives tend to drift into their own dream world and look at reality in a romanticised light. They love to creatively express themselves and often engage in musical, theatrical or poetic pursuits. The versatile and imaginative Pisces is aptly associated with the Iris flower. ‘Iris’ means ‘Rainbow’ in Greek and the flower is often symbolic of the God of the Rainbow – Iris. This beautifully ties in with the colourful personality of Pisces natives who live in a fantasy-like inner land that they create for themselves.

iris flower

Iris flowers usually bloom in early Spring which corresponds to Pisces season. The flower itself represents wisdom, hope and trust and the Purple Iris in particular is also symbolic of royalty. The Iris is also well known for its pleasant smell and it’s beautiful petals which are not only vibrant but have a unique shape. The flower truly embodies the Pisces spirit of being one of a kind, graceful and dreamy. 24hr City Florist has a dazzling collection of Iris bouquets you can pick from for your Pisces pals which are available for delivery as well !

iris flower bouquet

We hope the constellations have guided you in selecting the perfect flowers for your kith and kin ! Whether it be for a relative, friend or significant other, choosing flowers symbolic of a certain sign can help convey the traits and aspects you love about them. Read also about the seasonal availability of flowers too. Flowers are more than mere aesthetics – they are symbolic of values and beliefs which you hold dear.

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