Hello Kitty Bouquet by 24Hrs City Florist Singapore

We created this first Hello Kitty bouquet in June 2011 and since then we have been receiving many enquiries about whether we could arrange other look alike bouquets such as elmo, smiley and even angry bird. Well guess what? All of the mentioned, we attempted and they not only look unique but incredible adorable too. What better way to surprise that someone special with our new range of unique character bouquets. a sure eye catcher and envy from those who have been receiving regular bouquets.

hello kitty bouquet

hello kitty bouquet

Here’s a bit of a background about hello kitty:

That adorable face with the dots for eyes, no mouth, and bright red bow is the creation of Sanrio, a Japanese company. First designed by Yuko Shimizu. She is portrayed as a female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow.The character’s first appearance on an item, a vinyl coin purse, was introduced in Japan in 1974 and brought to the United States in 1976.

Sanrio was looking for a mascot that would apply to pre-teen girls, and they struck gold when they introduced Hello Kitty to the world.
Unlike other mascots, Hello Kitty is purely a business woman. She is not in any cartoons or movies. Instead, you’ll find her face on everything from pencils to purses. In fact, she was originally created so that Sanrio could have something girly to put on a change purse!

Although she is used for her marketing prowess, Hello Kitty does have a family and a life. Hello Kitty’s real name is Kitty White. The red bow that she wears is used to distinguish Kitty from her twin sister, Mimi, who dons a yellow bow. Kitty is a 3rd grader who lives with her parents near London. Like many other children, she rides the bus to school every day – to a school in a suburb of London.

But if she was created by a Japanese company, why does she live in England? Back in the mid 1970′s, the British lifestyle was incredibly popular in Japan. Sanrio wanted to create a character that capitalized on the latest trends – in addition to being absolutely adorable! In fact, the British lifestyle played such a big role in the creation of Hello Kitty that her real name was originally “Whitey Kitty” – a name taken from Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass”.

The Hello Kitty character was deliberately designed without a mouth because the lack of smile or frown means makes it easier for people to project their own feelings on to the cartoon. Or as one author put it ‘the person can be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty’.

Best Deals! – Flowers below $70 FREE DELIVERY

In line with the up and coming Mother’day on 10 May 2009, we have decided to offer our flower arrangement from as LOW as SGD69 (FREE Delivery during office hours). This would be one of our very rare occasion to offer flowers arrangment below $70. Here are some highlights:

  • Cheery Basket of Gerberas and roses at $69
  • All About Love – 12 red rose bouquet $69.90
  • A Piggy Affair, pink soft toy piggy in pink gerberas in pink vase at $69
  • Daisy Baby – single stalk of gerbera arrangement at $58
  • Doggie Sweet

    The idea behind this arrangement was from the many dog lovers in Singapore. From hello kitty, pooh and pigs, we thought an arrangement of doggie in a flower basket will bring a refreshing gift to many especially those who love dogs. We added this cute 10in Doggy with a ‘Hug Me’ Neck tie arranged in fresh colourful gerberas in a nice decorative basket.

    Harrods Gift Hamper for Mother’s Day

    With fine tea, biscuits and chocolate, this imported English Delight hamper offers a selection of our best-loved treats, presented in stylish treasure chest.

    Hamper contains Harrods chocolate-coated Chocolate Chunk Biscuits 250g; Harrods Founder’s Choice Coffee – aan exclusive blend of Costa Rican, Kenyan & Barzilian Coffees 250g; Harrods Milk Chocolate bar with almonds & raisins 100g. Harrods English Breakfast thin cut marmalade. 340g; Harrods Knighsbridge Tea Bag Selection(8×12.5g)

    Note: 24Hrs City Florist reserves the right to replace any Harrods item with another of Harrods item of equal value depending on stock availability.

    herrods hamper

    herrods hamper

    Box of Baby Goodies

    We created this box of Baby Goodies last year. It come with Sesame Street Baby 3-piece Gift Set, 3pc animal printed baby bottle, 1pc TheColoria (TM) vibrating toy, 1pc TheColoria (TM) Musical Toy, 1pc TheColoria (TM) Foot Rattle & 1pc TheColoria (TM) stuffed rattle with clear ring, all come complete with a decorative box. Since then, it had attracted many viewers.

    Colourful Vase Arrangement

    We recently had a request from our customer in the States to arrange something that will brighten and cheer someone who is very discouraged in Singapore. The design was left to us and we created a very stricking yet very appealing vase arrangement standingabout 1.5feet or about 45cm. We added a touch of dark purple mathiolas, sweet pink roses, colourful gerberas and eustomas. Our customer was very pleased with the arrangement.

    Mother’s Day Special – Popular Mrs Lee Nyonya Cookbook

    We wanted to offer something different this year for Mother’s Day and we came out with this gift basket consisting of
    this best selling local cookbook; New Mrs Lee’s Cookbook, Nonya Cuisine LEE, CHIN KOON & LEE SHERMAY. And with the recent interest in all things peranakan made popular by the recently aired TV drama ‘The Little Nyonya’ made this a perfect give for mom this Mother’s Day.

    Mother’s Day Special

    We Launched our Mother’s Day Special range of flowers and gifts. There are many new bright cheery floral designs such as Code:827 Appealing and Code: 838 Cheerie. We added a nice basket of gourmet food just under $100 with Lindt Pistachio De Luxe Chocolate (45.8g) from Swiss. Davidoff Rich Aroma Instant Coffee – 100% Arabica (45g);
    St.Dalfour Rhapsodie de Fruit Orange Jam (284g) from France. Royal Kensington Breakfast Tea (50g) from Srilanka with fresh pink roses in decorative basket. Code:843 Charming Delight.

    Fruity Good Time

    We wanted to provide a fruit basket with something more than just local tropical fruits, so we launched our fruit basket with exotic fruits such as avacados, strawberries, kiwis, mangoes, grapes, oranges, apples etc arranged in basket of beautiful bright cheery mix of gerberas.

    Introducing Khaki-Green Floral Box Stand

    We recently introduced Khaki-green floral box stand for our condolence range of flower designs adding variation to the existing white and black coloured stands. We spent quite sometime sourcing for this particular tone of green and finally, our efforts paid off. It looks so elegant on everyone of our floral arrangements, giving it a fresh new look and shall i say, a new breathe of life.

    New Baby Gift Set

    Added A new combition of health product for both baby and mummy consisting of a bottle of Yomeishu (300ml) Chwee Song Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar (70g x 6); Yan Sang Essence of Chicken (70g x 3). Shear’s 4pc baby clothing gift set, a baby bottle and a pack of drypers (4pc) in good quality basket.

    Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Femme Floral Gift

    Perfect gift for that very special someone on her very special day. A bottle of Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Femme 50ml (made in Italy) arranged with fresh red roses in a heart shaped solid glass vase. Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Femme is classified as a sharp, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a dry scent of greens and anise with lily of the valley and spices, lower notes of fruit, nuts and musk.

    Congratulatory Fresh Flora Stand – New Design

    We created a new design for our congratulatory floral stand category with both an eastern and western twist. Western in the arrangement of cheery sun flowers and orangie gerberas. We added a touch of an eastern feel with a tranditional Chinese fan look-a-like as the backdrop to that arrangement, making it visibly bring from afar.

    April Trests 2009

    We launched our April eNewletter at the end of Mar 2009 offering many great deals. We introduced a sweet pinkish arrangment of Gerberas with a cutie pig for just SGD69 (FREE delivery during office hours). A great way to put a smile on her face for any occasion. A bottle of french red wine in a decorative wooden wine box with fresh roses for CRAZY SGD88 (FREE Delivery). The soft launched was exclusively for subscribers and customers. And we are now offering to all our web and blog visitors. Visit our eNewsletter at: http://www.24hrscityflorist.com/news/

    March 2009

    Rolled out several new designs. We added a wider range of gift arrangement to include, watches like Seiko & Nautica for the men and Guess watches for the ladies. We beefed up a little more gifts for the guys because our customers had requested for more options for men’s gifts. We added a hand made korean silk tie come complete with cluffing and matching packaging. On the Congratulatory and Condolence floral stand front, we added a few new arrangements and updated a few too. We are now offering a touch of colours to the otherwise mundane white and green condolence floral stands.

    Feb 2009

    Feb is the busiest month for all florist around the world. We introduced many new designs particularly in the Hand Bouquet section. 12 stalks chili red rose hand bouquet arranged with pearl and wrapped with velvet was pretty much our flagship from our staple of bouquets.

    New & Improved Online Payment System

    In Jan 2009, we migrated our online payment system to a newer and improved platform. We used to have customers facing lots of difficulties putting their credit card payment through due to the need for Java Aplet to be downloaded. This new system, not only removes this ‘unfriendly’ encounter but product a clean, easy, fast and equally secure payment transaction page. We have had it running for 3 months now and we are delighted with the outcome. Only regret, we should have migrated to this new platform much earlier. But as they say, it is better late then never. 🙂

    New People Joining Us

    In Jan 2009, we saw the influx of new people joining our florist team. It was a good time for the new florists to get to know the seniors and vice versa. I thought the rapport was encouraging and the senior made good efforts in making all of them feel at home.

    What’s Up in Jan 2009

    A bit of a flashback as I started this blog in April 2oo9. As with many businesses, 24hrscityflorist.com was not immune to the fallout of the current global financial crisis. I am glad we took the lull period of 2008 (between the months of Mar to Aug) to inject some new offerings to our customers and we manage to better of equal our end-of-the year sales compared to the previous years. January, traditionally a very busy month for sending hampers, saw significant drawbacks in the quantum of purchases. It was a month we could not afford to lay back and hope for the economic storm to passover. A good month nevertheless but certainly a month we could have done much better if it wasnt for the situation we are in.

    Blogging On Blogger

    I started blogging for 24HrsCityFlorist.com in wordpress last couple of years but this year we decided to use blogger.com It is true that blogging takes a fair bit of time and effort. I find twitting in twitter with short messages helps but the limit to 160 character means that I could only write so much given a single topic. I decided to use blog to share more elaborate events and hopefully whatever that is written henceforth will give all our viewers a chance to know 24hrscityflorist.com a little better.

    Your CookieMoster signing off,
    CookieMonster himself of course. 🙂

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