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Graduation Month

This page has been updated. Please Visit : Your Guide to Picking Out the Perfect Graduation Bouquet

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  1. Hi Veronica
    Thank you for your enquiry. Graduation is a momentous occasion and it should be celebrated cheerfully. Hence bright cheerful colours of flowers such as sunflowers and gerberas are suitable too. If you like a mix of roses and gerberas, we recommend a sprinkle or red roses with predominant orange-yellow gerberas. We dont have a ready picture to show you the colour combination but we do have similar arrangements that will give you an idea how the colour mix looks like:

    Cheerful bright orange gerberas
    Orange gerberas with roses
    gerbera bouquet

    Some of the examples above are table arrangements but we certainly can arrange them in a bouquet.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you.

    Customer Service

  2. Hi,,

    i would like to have some ideas about what kind of flower i need to give to my special boyfriend.

    well i will not only order 1 bouquet but i wanna order for 10 bouquets..

    I have 2 choices of main flowers which are roses and garbera..

    could you give me an idea what kind of perfect and special mixture of color for my boyfriend?

    and actually could we mix the color of garbera in one bouquet? if yes, could u tell me the best color to match…

    the convocation is on october.. but i need to have some roughly idea before i confirm it.. thanks

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